Gearing up for the recording of our debut album. It will hit retail and online stores nationwide! Are y'all diggin' it?


REVOLUTION's sound is a turbulent mix of metal's power, punk rock's insular defiance, hardcore's muscular savagery, and the ruthless animosity of grind core. The center-piece to this particular sonic- tempest is the scope of the lyrics which address the contemporary zeitgeist of not only the local corruption within Miami. but what has transpired during the last decade under the Counter-Terrorism-Surveillance-State. As evidenced, their music is the soundtrack to the struggles of the band and those around them, channeling feelings of hopeless, fear, anger, disgust and disillusionment. However, this is not music to lament over the fall of society… It is to confront those who would benefit in the collapse. And, like their name-sake, to provoke radical change, even if it's delivery is anything but subtle. 

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